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Christopher stoll is a freelance illustrator currently working out of a small personal studio in Santa fe, new mexico. Over the past 10 years, Chris has worked on hundreds of projects, creating book and album covers, brand logos, posters, and even full published artbooks.

His clients include Jasco games, TPK GAMEs, starcalled studios, and many others. 

Chris' work has been featured in magazines such as Popular mechanics and metro international as well as the websites Huffington post, comedy central, kotaku, and buzzfeed. 


Chris has spoken at multiple conventions and events across the United states about creature design, crowdfunding, and his own creative projects. Often travelling, he attends dozens of conventions each years as a vendor and exhibitor, you can find out more by following him on twitter or instagram @topherstoll

Born in Texas in 1991, Christopher Douglas Stoll combines a realistic style of anatomy and motion with a fantastical flair. His childhood years were devoted to exploring the fundamentals of his art using crayons, pencils and watercolors though nowadays he uses an ipad and stylus.


In 2011, he moved to East Asia for the first time and enrolled in Tokyo's Kanda University where he studied contemporary Asian art and design. Shortly after graduating college he began to work for the Japanese board of education in Buzen, Fukuoka.

In the same way he hopes to bridge the cultural boundaries between Japan and the West, Christopher aspires to fuse the worlds of high and low art into something wholly unique. Combining the fantastical and the mundane into his digital creations and enticing viewers to draw upon their own experiences and emotions when viewing his work.

"DON'T MISS the exciting designs of Christopher Stoll, an amazing young artist living in the United States"

-Fondateur d'Utopiie magazine


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